New Project

I am starting on a new project. It is pretty dark, yet I naturally add my colorful and joyful shades.

This painting is my contribution to a very special and big art project.
The project includes an exhibition, a movie and a book.
When it’s official, I will announce asap!

The handcrafted wooden frame is tinted black, and I use black gesso primer on Belgian Linen Canvas.
Size is 3,55m x 1,9m.

I am very happy to be a part of the project and I am very excited!

Br, Frode


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Welcome to!

Work in progress

Frode Goa paint big, colorful and joyful acrylic paintings. Size is never smaller than 2,0 x 2,0 meters and 20cm deep.

The frames are made of Norwegian wood and are handcrafted by the artist. Belgian linen canvas is used on the wooden frames.

Self constructed and self-made heavyduty metal canvas stretchers.

All paintings are sketched up with coal by freehand before they are painted.


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